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Yoga Pose


Date: 13 February
Time: 17:30 - 20:00
Place: Meerbusch

You are curious about yoga and would like to try it out? Then our beginner's workshop is just right for you! You will get the basics for a good yoga practice. We will show you the most important yoga positions, the sun salutation, and the correct breathing technique. There will also be enough time for your questions.
The workshop for beginners is ideal preparation for attending our regular courses and is aimed at beginners as well as interested people who want to deepen their basics.
The contents of this workshop are in detail: - you will learn the basic postures (asanas) of yoga - practice the sun salutation - learn breathing exercises and especially Ujjayi (the breath that also accompanies you through the practice) - strengthening and stretching - you will learn to focus and calm the mind - relaxation at the end of the yoga practice.

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