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What does Dharma mean?

Dharma is an important Hindu, Buddhist, and yogic concept, referring to a law or principle which governs the universe. For an individual to live out their dharma is for them to act in accordance with this law. Dharma is considered to be one of the three jewels of Buddhism, alongside sangha and buddha, together paving the path to enlightenment. In Hinduism, it is one of the four main philosophical principles along with Artha, Kama and Moksha. It can also be understood as a law of righteousness and satya (truth), giving order to the customs, behaviours and ethics which make life possible.

The implication of dharma is that there is a right or true way for each person to carry out their life in order to serve both themselves and others. Dharma is closely related to the concepts of duty and selfless service, or seva, and is therefore a fundamental principle of yoga. Although it can be a challenging concept to grasp since it has no single-word English translation, a close adaptation is “right way of living”.


DharmaSpace is your yoga team in Düsseldorf and Meerbusch for alignment-based yoga, vinyasa flow, yin yoga, and yoga for a healthy back. Our daily yoga classes offer you a varied program for all levels and needs. All class descriptions can be found on our website. Come by, get to know us!

In addition to the open classes, we offer a wide range of courses, trips, and training for yoga teachers and students who want to deepen their knowledge. DharmaSpace regularly hosts workshops and specials with national and international guest teachers.


About Our Classes


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Our Team
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Mah Gol

Yoga adds years to your life, and life to your years


Hello, I'm Mahgol. 
My pre-yoga workouts were limited to cross-fit, TRX, body flex, and bodybuilding. Until two years ago, when I started yoga in earnest, and since then my outlook on myself, my body, and my life has changed, I have delved deeper into yoga and started acro yoga with it.
In my opinion, yoga asanas have such a wide range that we can use them with any sport and at the same time we work on our body flexibility and fitness, with yoga asanas, we give more lightness and awareness to our body.
I want to show you in class how you can live with yoga in harmony with yourself and your individual nature full of energy and mindfulness.


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Be your own best

I am Neda,

I love peace and tranquility and I hope to be its developer. Yoga for me is to gain new experiences from myself, my body, and my mind and it is very gratifying for me to pass on the passion and calmness to others and to challenge them. My interest in yoga made me learn the complete anatomy of the body and rely on it to arrange my class so that those who rely on me, might have the least harm from the exercises and look at this class as a journey inward. Take today's stressful world for yourself and enjoy the moment.

Yoga and meditation make me learn from my soul and body that I can never be in the past or the future, and stay in the present and love to be in the moment. In vinyasa yoga there is everything, there is no limit, everyone does whatever they need.

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“universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself, everything that you want, you already are.”

Hi, I’m Rojin.

A passionate yogini, free spirit, and always in the mood for new adventures. I like to laugh, spend a lot of time in nature. I love yoga, healthy food, the sea, and traveling. Already after the first yoga class, I realized that my body fit well with the flowing movement sequences and the positive messages touched my heart. From the beginning, yoga was much more to me than just practicing asanas. Today I see yoga as the most important gateway to my personal development. With yoga I have become physically and mentally stronger and more flexible, yoga has taught me to accept and love myself and others, to accept challenges and persevere, to jump out of my comfort zone, and to pursue my dreams without compromise. I am A trained Yin, Ayurveda, Vinyasa Yoga, and Meditation teacher. Teaching is my passion and I look forward to supporting you on your (yoga) path.